BJCEM participation to WEYA is outlined with three main group-shows presented in three of the most interesting venues of the city, New Art ExchangeLakeside and Primary.

The Disorder selection for New Art Exchange is composed by works that, through different forms, are dealing with the current political and social issues and with the idea of change: the concept of Disorder is expressed by the desire for a vital and energetic dialogue between different disciplines that can lead to “new and innovative representations that escape from political interpretation”. Disorder is a condition of transition where cultural and political patterns are melted within an “unlikely” order.

The core of the Disorder selection for Lakeside is a reflection on art and on its languages, which is established from a dialectical relation between the works.

During the opening days of WEYA one special event, will animate with live performances, concerts and readings another WEYA venue, Primary, an amazing studio and residency space run by an independent group of artists. This Disorder event is a sort of “art party” where the arts interact and contaminate each other and where, through their works, the artists will create a festive atmosphere and interaction with the audience in a dimension of exchange of creative energy.

Several collateral shows and activities in the Disorder program will be hosted by other important venues, like Nottingham Contemporary and Bonington.