The term Disorder should not be understood negatively but rather as a crisis, a moment of friction and of passage, a change from one state to another. A nebula, a metaphoric place where we can question crystallized states of consciousness by imagining new geographic territories. In this context we can redefine a new imaginary Mediterranean, dynamic and contaminated, capable of dealing with the socio-cultural problems that are disturbing the area.
Disorder is therefore a window overlooking the Mediterranean, which originates from the dynamic idea of relationships between objects and Countries, between works of art and artists, comparing them according to transdisciplinary and transnational dynamics.

Disorder is a fluid platform of three hypothetical fields of action, that correspond to the three main venues in Nottingham: political (New Art Exchange), formal (Lakeside), experimental (Primary). This triple path introduces the observer in a confusion produced by a détournement, the same one that gives art its privileged position in manipulating, representing and re-reading of reality. In this sense, with Disorder, the venues become places that bring us to ask questions rather than search for answers.

The Disorder project is a form of visual, cultural production whose aim is to give voice to the artists who question the critical issues of today, organizing, in this way, a path of proposals in the arts field, a path of reflection regarding a new socio-cultural environment. In one word, the reorganization of «innovative representations that elude political interpretation», as stated by Carlos Basualdo.

Disorder is therefore the praise of movement, a transitory state in which cultural and political models are mixed together in an “improbable order”.

Consequently, art becomes an in progress instrument for assessment, fallible but not disastrous, capable of making a map that everyone can read and interpret freely, directed towards one’s past but with the future in mind.


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