The structure of Disorder is based on an “alphabet of disorder”, which is built using the first system of poli-alphabetic cryptography created by Leon Battista Alberti in De Componendis Cifris in 1466, where he theorized the cipher disk.

A disorder based on a new alphabet, a new code of reference where all the levels of expression and the nationalities are mixed together, gaining strength and energy from one another.

The artists, therefore, are not presented in the traditional alphabetic order but according to the correspondence of the new alphabet, where, compared to the traditional one, G corresponds to A, K corresponds to B, L to C etc. as shown by the two disks surrounding the word Disorder.

«Language is like a labyrinth of roads. If you come from a certain direction you know where to go; if you reach the same point from another direction, you get lost»
(L. Wittgenstein)


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