Eleni Economou

Born in 1981, in Nicosia, Cyprus. Lives and works in Nikaia, Greece.

She graduated in 2007 in Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
In 2008 she represented Greece at the 13th Biennale for young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Puglia, Italy.
From 2008-2010 she was awarded a full-time financial grant from the S.S.F. of Greece towards the implementation of artistic work titled Studies in the Embroideries of Cyprus.
In 2010 she had her first solo exhibition titled Archetype at the Gallery Argo in Nicosia. She also presented her work of sculpture, exhibiting together with the painter Gianni Diamandi in the exhibition with the title Memory Patterns at the Famagusta Gate in Nicosia, Cyprus.
In 2011 she participated in the 15th Biennale for young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, titled Symbiosis? in Thessaloniki, Greece, representing Cyprus.

“The whole work of art is based on the logic of the cube. The cube as a unit is multiplied creating flooring sculptural expansion in the space. In my work I seek existing values as the aesthetics of austerity, the clearness of lines and forms, the order of meters of powerful impression but above all of concealed geometry.
The sculptural dense composition of archetypal repeated motifs creates the powerful impression of order and harmony. The repeated elements indicate the expectance of wisdom, harmony, balance and justice for shaping of world on a universal and individual level which continuously coexist and transform”.

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