Fabrizio Cotognini

Born in 1983, in Macerata, Italy. Lives and works in Civitanova Marche, Italy.

Fabrizio’s artistic research is based on a ‘contamination’ concept. That’s to say interactions, trespassing, fusions between images and word signs. And through these means, he wants to create new icons. Using words, colours, architectures, pictures, maps, the artist changes the work through ‘contamination’.
With forms that are changing and developing, they express a construction process. The verbal element with its physical presence doesn’t exist anymore. From being a ‘descriptive’ word, an ‘identification’ word changes the structure, to finally become architecture. The aim of his work is the concept writing – antiwriting.

“In this series of collages, Cotognini’s images refer to the specimens of natural science and sociology. They are very affective when they are placed within grid notations that resemble an early type of astrology, or space and time continuum. The numbered geometrical shapes are his specimen slides and they present an iconoclastic logic. These layers trick the eye, defy the preciousness of tableau with incomplete energy lines, the merging of art and science, the juxtaposition of fine-line naturalism and scratched on notations that keep it moving through dimensions. His work is either ours, or someone else’s family tree, but clearly romance with a hesitant compass.” Ron Athey



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