Marwa Adel

Born in 1984, in Giza, Egypt, where she lives and works.

Marwa has a Masters degree in Advertising Visual Identity. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial’ and ‘Egyptian Art Today’, Frankfurt, Germany. Marwa was winner of the ‘2011 Best Arab Photographer’.

“I believe above all that I wanted to build the palace of my memory, because my memory is something else, my only homeland. The human body is a word surrounded by restrictions in our society. Why do people express such a fear from the body? How could we fear ourselves? Our bodies are the medium that links us to this world and reflects our souls. Every person enjoys a memory that registers facts different from other people. These memories and dreams are revealed on our bodies through body language, serenity, sadness, happiness and other reactions towards occurring events or recalled facts. Through our body, we can change our memories that are often categorised according to other people’s experiences.We can also develop our memory and dreams through our human experience which represents a mean for excellence, authenticity and distinctiveness to arise. Consequently, every person develops a personal memory enriched by the unique human existence that mirrors on the body through which one can realize dreams. There is nothing impossible to achieve as long as the communication and interaction between the body and the memory are existent.”

Marwa Adel’s photographs speak about the struggles she has faced in her life. Through photography she expresses her desire to break free from the restrictions imposed on women by society and to be the person that she is rather than what society forces her to be. Marwa’s work is deeply personal, but it tells a universal story.

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