Martina Conti

Born in 1984, in Ponte dell’Olio, Italy. Lives and works in Republic of San Marino and London.

“Wanting to be still, knowing that nothing will ever stay still, I dance.”

Martina is a performance artist formerly trained in contemporary dance. She researches movement and dance on a performative and non-performative level, and outside theatrical contexts.
She presented her works at the XIV Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean in Skopje (Macedonia 2009), ESC – Santarcangelo Festival (Italy 2010), FAF-Florence Art Factory (Italy 2010). She is a member of Little Constellation, network of contemporary art focus on geo-cultural micro-areas and small states of Europe.
In addition Martina works as performer for British dance artists Angela Woodhouse and Caroline Broadhead.

A Reading Sculpture is a performance based on the interaction of the human body and the book. It comprises people engaged in the action of reading, an action antagonised by the distracting character of modern life. Standing, sitting, lying, crouching, adopting postures of co-dependency, participants use the time and space accorded them by the performance to read. A Reading Sculpture is a celebration of the physicality of learning and the reader as a kind of body-mind hero of attention, patience, and difficulty. Imagine, to look up from your book and see everyone around you is reading, too.


Ph. by Davide Farabegoli

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