Muna Amareen

Muna Amareen

Born in 1986, in Amman, Jordan, where she lives and works.

She graduated in Graphic arts at the University of Jordan in 2008. During her university years, she has participated in several workshops locally and internationally where she has excelled as a young artist. Since then Muna directed all her creativity and art hood towards printmaking where she profoundly found herself and moved on with her career.

She is co-founder of The Studio, a creative platform where emerging artists get together and produce great artwork. It is both a gallery and print making studio, where artists are free to partake in printmaking workshops and exhibit their work in our various gallery spaces. The environment is friendly and inspiring, with a growing library of books, enough material to satisfy your printing needs, internet and a loving cat set amidst the heart of Downtown Amman.

We were constantly bombarded with rules and orders. Disorder, although it means to directly break any of the “orders” given, is not necessarily a negative reaction. What would happen if certain orders are changed, or replaced by different orders?
Can we imagine a Muslim woman in a Burka falling in love with a man with tattoos and piercing? Will this veiled woman, live a normal life in the style she has always been used to? Would she ever have imagined that she would fall in love with a tattooed man? The artist wants to join these two people together with all the orders and restrictions from both of their cultures and breaks the rules by putting them together.

Muna Amareen

She has recently taken part to “A Group Exhibition For Emerging Jordanian Artists”, at Orient Gallery in Amman, where she has presented a series of ink on paper works.

Muna Amareen
Muna Amareen
Muna Amareen
Muna Amareen
Muna Amareen

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