Mohamed Arejdal

Born in 1984, in Guelmin, Morocco, where he lives and works.

His research takes various forms: from live performance to the installation through video and photography. His recent works evoke stories of encounters which are born of subtle movements and tends to highlight what separates and unites individuals. Moreover, public spaces that became places for intimate gatherings; familiar objects of some, a part of everyday life of others and the artists own body the place of a permanent showdown.
Mohamed also explores how we live in spaces, which we share territories, and above all how these settings constantly reconfiguring our relationship to the Other. In this way, Mohamed hopes that the little anecdotes of daily life can become universal parables by which the boundaries of cultural spaces, mental and social would find themselves slowly redrawn.

In the middle of a composition of traditional zellige, a central point was designed by the artist to represent the place of performance or meeting point. The artist tries to involve the public by asking the audience this question: “Which path should I take to reach you?” Respecting the geographical orientation, Mohamed Arejdal traces the trajectories described by members of the public using drawings, texts, landmarks and arrows.
The idea is to create a map of trajectories from personal and collective memory from each of the artist’s imaginary visits to the audience.


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