Catharina Freuis

Born in 1985, in Vienna, Austria, where she lives and works.

She graduated in 2011 in Photography at the Department of visual arts of the University of Applied Arts of Vienna.

Catharina Freuis focuses on sociological structures manifesting themselves – above all – in public areas, spaces that are used by several people in a “non-private” kind of situation, such as art or work spaces. She artistically tries to raise awareness of these long established structures, respectively habits. All this applies to the way of observing as well, when one is looking at photographic works. Her intent is to provoke this attitude by creating stereotype, recognizable model rooms. These rooms experience a metamorphosis in the way that the habitual confidence has to be re-examined.
In Nottingham the artist is going to present the series Gallery Room (2010):

Other Freuis series are:
Changing-Room (2010)

Corridor (2011)
freuis_corridor I
freuis_corridor II
freuis_corridor III

Living-Room (2011)
freuis_living room I
freuis_living room II

Make-up Room (2012)
freuis_make-up room I
freuis_make-up room II_1
freuis_make-up room II_2

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