Tzion Abraham Hazan

Born in 1986, in California, USA. Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He graduated in 2004 at the art department of Israeli Academy for Science and Art and in 2012 he achieved the BA in fine arts and education at Midrasha School of Art – Beit Berl Academic College.

Asked about his works, he answered as follows:
“My starting point as an artist begins with facing a society that cannot differentiate itself from the state. In Israel, when using the term “state”, one is usually referring to Israeli society. As an individual who was brought up and educated in this society, which gives the sovereign state a dominant presence, my direction as an artist began as an encounter with art as a poetic dimension through which I could regain a personal sovereignty. My work is not meant to be an affront to the established authority, but rather a retreat to a safe heaven in the mind over which the state has no control. From the safety of this dimension, contemplation outwards enables me to see these domineering elements of society in a different light, allowing me to perform in this disturbed context.”

The video shows a 9 minute journey along a route that surrounds the tower Marganith, located in the “Qiria” military compound in Tel Aviv. Along this journey, buildings intermittently expose the tower or block our view of it. A horn blows in attempt to reach the physically unreachable tower by means of sound. The work ends with a romantic epilogue – a love song addressed to Marganith.
The lyrics and melody were written especially for the video piece, based on the biblical “Song of Solomon” and inspired by Eastern Jewish music from the 60’s.




Marganith Radius 2 (2011) from ZIO7N on Vimeo.

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