Mathias Isouard

Born in 1987, in Pertuis, France. Lives and works near Marseille, France.

Mathias is a young visual artist who has recently graduated from Aix-En-Provence School of Art (ESAA).
His work uses different mediums, drawing, sculpture, sound, experimental electronics and computer programming, to investigate the sensitive relationship between body and architecture, subject and environment.
His transformations of space and situation operate in such a way that they encourage exploration and so the visiting public are spectator and subject at the same time, involved through feedback processes in the functioning of the artwork itself.

Dessins d’Espaces (Drawings of Spaces) is a temporary installation that uses various techniques to create an
anamorphosis in the architectural space. Besides creating the illusion of a volume on a flat surface, Dessins d’Espaces extends the drawing into the nearby space using the simplest of materials (tape and wooden batons). The installation changes the dimension of the volume in which it is created. A range of readings of the work appear as the visitor changes his or her viewpoint, questioning accepted boundaries between surface and space, drawing and sculpture and between the human body and the space it inhabits.

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