Orr Menirom

Born in 1985 in Tel Avivi, Israel. Lives and works in Tel Aviv and Chicago.

She graduated in 2012 at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and she’s now attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA.

Orr Menirom examines politically and emotionally charged environments by turning them into site-specific installations. The overlaying of visual and written texts points out the gaps between the discourses of art, history and language. Different registers coexist in the same object – aggressive and tender, obscene and poetic. Familiar, everyday elements are repositioned in new contexts. The contradictions in these objects generate a sense of ridicule and humor, which undermine fixed patterns of reception.

Holyland Towers is a luxurious residential complex situated in Jerusalem. Since its construction in the early 2000s, this building has been famous for its problematic aesthetics. In 2010, a scandal exploded in the Israeli media, involving an Israeli prime minister and the architects of the Holyland project. There was a network of bribery and tax evasion behind the decision to build the Holyland Towers. The scandal left the building in the middle of the city: a monument to corruption and entrepreneurial architecture. In the video, a model of the Holyland Towers ignites by itself. As the model slowly burns to the ground, the actual building comes into view behind it.



Sunset and a Tower- Excerpt from Orr Menirom on Vimeo.

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