Ahmad Magdy

Born in 1986, in Alexandria, Egypt, where he lives and works.

He graduated in English Literature in2008 at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alexandria.

Moving pictures are Ahmad’s passion. Filmmaking suggests the kind of knowledge that can be learned, read and said. His work is a dream which he follows , paints and destroys. Ahmad’s work is a constant search for human knowledge. A simple story can be an ideal topic for his work, yet he loves symbols and colors. He believes any picture, whether it is a photograph or a moving picture, should be able to speak and stand by itself. He does not lecture or send a message or seek to send a message through my work, he just observes, analyzes and laughs at reality.

This short film is about an Egyptian artist who is isolated within her art and in her profession. While painting and doing her routine throughout the day, she is shocked by an incident that will show her and the audience, her true self, and her true lack of humanity. The film takes place in an Egyptian artist’s studio throughout a day after the outbreak of the revolution on the 25th of January. After the revolution people continued protesting against military rule every Friday, the film takes place on one of these Fridays.




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