Roberto Sartor

Born in 1982, in Montebelluna, Italy. Lives and works in Pederobba, Italy.

Roberto is a photographer; he uses photography as an instrument of research focusing particularly on urban landscapes and environmental issues.
He develops projects on citizen participation, using photography as a way to activate processes.
Through the production of images, he aims to raise people’s awareness of the culture of landscape.
Roberto is currently working on some personal projects, including: “Secret Passages”, a project about borderline spaces and the concept of crossing, conceived after researches in the Balkans, the Middle East, the Mediterranean Region and the Caucasus; “Fire ad Television”, a project about silence in places, meant as space where through the oneiric dimension of nature people can explore the complexity of the world and the starting points of human living.
Roberto is the cultural manager of “Chiocciola, La casa del nomade”, a platform for public discussion and actions on the issues of slowness and agriculture.
He is member of Fuorivista Association ( and of Videotrope Collective.

Zona d’ombra is Roberto Sartor’s artwork for the Angolazioniurbane 2012 project, produced by means of a public
workshop in the city of Mestre. The aim of the project is to find a new range of evocative meanings for these spaces, to transform them into something new in a fantastic way. The participants are in contact with the inhabitants, thus activating a citizenship partecipation process. The result will be an object.
A kind of tourist guide, a tool to give value to different places but also a document to be delivered to the architects, urbanists as a possible starting point for their work and to provide new ideas for these spaces.


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