Sofiane Zouggar

Born in 1982 in Khemis Miliana, Algeria, where she lives and works.

Sofiane has always shown a passion for arts. However his love for sculpture, ceramic and performance in particular has grown whilst studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Algiers.
Sofiane wished to further explore these forms of art and therefore decided to combine them in the dissertation of his graduation (May 2010), entitled “Body Language as an Expression in Contemporary Art”. It consisted of a combination of a performance and an installation where the interaction between the artist and the public was the main goal.
Sofiane’s creative work focuses on topics directly related to societies and their communication problems. He finds his inspiration in all aspects that directly affect his own environment and his latest work is about the power of images and mass manipulation.
Revolution, protest, media, control, manipulation … words and images stored in our unconscious through watching, reading, and listening to multiple media sources. Sofiane believes his image was installed by the media in our minds and he just portrayed it in an artistic medium.
Sofiane’s most recent exhibition was the tenth edition of the contemporary African art biennial ‘Dak ‘ Art’.

Noise is a key driving force of the city. It constitutes a fundamental part of urban life. In this installation the artist transforms these negative qualities and aspects, as it helps to realize his aims. The video merges a live feed of the city of Nottingham with images of what happens in Arabic countries and the images revealed by urban sounds. When the noise decreases, the pictures tend to slow down and then disappear. Therefore it is a way to emphasize Arabic problems. We will only succeed if we continue to make noise about them, to draw attention to them. The more people talk about these problems, the more the struggle of the Arabic spring will be known and publicized.


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