Chiara Vittorini

Born in 1992, in Rome, Italy, where she lives and works.

Since childhood Vittorini has always been interested in many forms of art. Actually she’s studying photography in Rome at the European Institute of Design.
She believes that through her photographs she can define herself: her photographic images are compositions of her world, literally seen through the camera. Her photographs are compositions of her visions, hopes and fears about the world around her, her own perception of life and death, hate, pain, beauty, love and how human interaction and personal relationships are impacted under these issues.
Chiara strives for her images to make sense visually and trust that the metaphors, the poetry, the questions, and sometimes answers, will follow.

The photo fully describes the artist’s thoughts about the disorder seen as creative chaos. She has always understood the chaos like a stream that captures the artist, elevating or drowning her.
She tried to create this effect by the woman’s face suspended in recalling precisely the continuing struggle of the artist in perpetual conflict with his creativity.
Her lips pursed on the surface of water are trying to drink from that stream coveted.


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