Founded in 2012, in Beirut, Lebanon.
Group members:Abed Kobeissy, Ali El-Hout, Bilal Bitar, Imad Hashisho, Naim Asmar.

Taht Ahl El-Hawa was born out the collected energies of the Mayal ensemble and Sahirtu’s lead vocalist. Both groups are well reputed in Lebanon, mainly in the classical and traditional music scene. Formed in Beirut, Taht Ahl El-Hawa manifest a strong pride of authentic Arabic music whilst translating the history of this music to a modern vision. Accomplished in many styles, the musicians of the group each work in a variety of projects, but with knowledge and skill the ensemble as a whole perform their interpretation of the musical traditions of the “Levant”. The term historically encompasses the countries Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine territories, with a linguistic meaning of “the rising of the sun”. In music terms the players work with pre-composed pieces as well as improvising melodies according to “Maqam”, an Arabian music technique.

The Taht (which is the classical Arabic musical ensemble) aims at going through Arabic chronologically illustrating the natural evolution of the Levantine Arabic musical tradition and showing how it was influenced by the early Islamic and first Byzantine chants during the first centuries AD from the classical era in the 19th century to the popular songs of the roaring 1920’s. During the 19th century Arabic Renaissance, musical performance revolved around a number of pre-composed pieces in addition to improvised forms and melodies all in the same mode within a dialectal structure.

Taht Ahl El-Hawa will perform their work “Classical and Traditional Arabic Renaissance” with the regionally time-honoured instruments Buzuq, Baglama, Qanun, Santur, Ud, Rigg, Bandir and vocal.

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