Victoria Leonidou

Born in 1982 in URSS, lives and works in Cyprus.

She graduated in 2004 in Graphic and Advertising Design at the Frederick Institute of Technology in Nicosia.

The Green Line examines ambiguous situation established with the creation of the Cyprus Problem. The term refers to the cease-fire line and to a de facto border, which was first established by a commander of the peace force in 1963, after the bi-communal tension between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The physical act of walking and responding subconsciously to the green traffic light is sarcastically juxtaposed with the linguisticlly similar term “Green Line”. Paradoxically the work becomes a host of traditionally opposing national identities, where the visitors/voyeurs of either side become the others and never the selves.


“… the foreigner lives within us: he is the hidden face of our identity… By recognizing him within ourselves we are spared detesting him in himself.” Julia Kristeva
In the modern world the phenomenon of migration has become an issue of great significance. It has the power to challenge and provoke the sociopolitical and cultural sphere of the present and also to question and re-evaluate national identity. The work speculates on the relationship between the self and the other, us and them. It provokes the viewer to find the courage to face the mirror and acknowledge himself as a foreigner in “them” (loro).


This work has been selected as part of the special project: “The Landing: Artwork Dedicated to Humanity Migrants”

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