Mito Gegič

Born in 1982 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Lives and works in Škofja Loka and Ptuj in Slovenia.

In 2006 heparticipated in the CEEPUS exchange program on the Fine Art Academy in Zagreb. H gGraduated in 2008 in the field of painting on the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Currently he’s working the MA in painting.

The content of his work narrows down to the concept of memory and its reshaping, to materialization and new imagery. His attention is drawn mostly to the contemporary perception of events that are transmitted by the media.
Mito is inspired by the photographic registers on the internet, historical images, the manifestations of social structures, chronicles from rural traditions, hunting documentations and sporting events. He believes that painting is a process of framing and revealing the spaces in which he moves forms and neglected images that are dumped in mass virtual depots.

“Revir” is a Slovenian word for ‘hunting ground’ or a subdivision of space where control is enforced. In ‘Revir’, Mito directs the procedure of painting towards the idea of mobility of the image and towards its non-material position. With the use of duct tape over the canvas, the painted motif and its transfer becomes a conceptual act and is transferred onto a new surface to create a correlation between past and present, between on and off; between process and static. Mito expands the painting to a new body and interprets space but mainly it is the painting process which becomes the true moderator of contemporary painting.


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